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Mold in the News

Mold in the News

E.P.A.'s mold resources

Centers for Disease Control on mold

Washington State Department of Health on mold

Mold Help Organization Web site

Minnesota Department of Health on mold

National Association of Home Builders on mold

Parents Worried Mold Taking Over Athens School -

Modular Schools Exhibit Mold Problems -

Mold Facts

CDC Cleanup and Remediation

Home Guide to Mold Cleanup (EPA)

 - Mold Delays Niagara University Apartment Opening




Gilbane and New Jersey Spar Over School Mold



Mold in the Workplace

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home

Introduction to Mold

 The Turmoil Over Mold in Buildings

Helping Your Buyers Understand Mold During the Building Process

Dampness and Mold Growth in Buildings: A National Academy Study

When Mold Takes Hold

Mold Growth Linked to Airtight Building Designs

Indoor Mold, Building Dampness Linked To Respiratory Problems

Mold- New York State Department of Health

Moisture and Mold Prevention and Control Tips

Solid as a Rock

Stop Moisture to Stop Mold

What Does Mold Need to Grow?



View this very positive site for a wealth of information on the mold in schools and resources to deal with it.


School Planning and Design

High Performance NY CHPS Schools Guidelines 

Superior to CA CHPS Guidelines, the NY CHPS Guidelines are vocal about prevention of mold and moisture intrusion, promoting building designs that produce good indoor air quality and health!

From the Healthy Schools Network, a major victory in mold prevention for future schools, incorporated into healthy school design guidelines in NY state

High Performance Schools Guidelines

Healthy & High Performance School Design

Our goal is to help shape initiatives that will transform the built environment to include health and learning benefits for all children.  Healthy and High Performance schools improve children’s health, energy efficiency, and teacher and school staff job satisfaction, enhance student performance, and provide a healthier environment for building occupants.

In 2006, NYSERDA (The NYS Energy Research and Development Authority) and the NYS Education Department released NY-CHPS, comprehensive healthy and high performance school design guidelines for NYS schools. Healthy Schools Network worked to bring the NYS Education Department and NYSERDA together to create these guidelines and then served as an advisor to the project during its development.

These guidelines were adopted in Feb., 2007 and are now available at

Note: Guidelines also available in Word and HTML format, go to New York School Facilities Home Page for full info or click on Collaborative for High Performance Schools): HTMLPDFWord  CA High Performing Schools Publications and Resources

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